Feb 042017
For the Love of Birds

I urge everyone to start their Bird Life List.   I have always loved birds and last February a friend of my parents suggested that I record what I’ve seen past and present.  It has literally changed my life as it created an excuse to go out and explore nature.   All ages and abilities can enjoy birding and it is a great

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Oct 102016
How Photography Changed My Viewpoint of Wildlife

I have always loved animals. It was all about stuffed animals, never dolls. I loved going to the zoo and watching documentaries. My house is animal themed. No person comes in my home without stating, “Wow, you really love animals don’t you?” But what I have learned in the last year is that loving animals

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Oct 162013
American Kestrel - Grasshopper Snack

I spotted this big female American Kestrel as she dove to the ground in pursuit of flying grasshopper. By the time I had approached close enough for pictures, the kestrel had secured its prey and returned to her perch on the utility line. She made short work of the grasshopper, devouring the entire insect in

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Oct 142013
Monk Parakeet - In Garland

I found this Monk Parakeet colony using information provided by one of my readers. This observant lady noticed Monk Parakeets in the trees around her office building near the intersection of Plano Road and the LBJ Freeway. A quick look at Google Maps revealed an electrical substation in the general vicinity. Given the Monk Parakeet’s

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Aug 072013
Monk Parakeet - Cell Phone Tower

This observation documents what for me is somewhat new behavior for Monk Parakeets. Monk Parakeets show a distinct preference for man-made structures when they chooses their nesting sites. By far and away the most coming location for a Monk Parakeet in a urban environment is an electrical substation. The lively green birds seem to be

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American Kestrel – Fledgling

 DFW Urban Wildlife  Comments Off on American Kestrel – Fledgling
Jul 292013
American Kestrel - Fledgling

This is a follow up of sorts to an earlier article about what appeared to be a courting pair of American Kestrels. That post can be found here: American Kestrel – Courtship The photographs in this post shed some new light of the situation, and reveal that the behavior recorded in the earlier post was

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