Mar 272014
Raccoon - Relentless Rascals

I have been experimenting lately, attempting to develop some new camera trapping techniques that I can use to record images of some of our more surreptitious wildlife. So far the results have not been promising. The problem can be summed up in one word—Raccoons. These wily little creatures are always first on site when ever

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Mar 182014
Black Vulture - Party Crashers

This will be a tale of two vultures—the Black Vulture and the very similar Turkey Vulture. These two species of birds share many traits in common. They are both large and dark in coloration, and they frequently congregate together. Neither bird actively hunts, instead they both feed on carrion—the remains of recently deceased animals. It’s

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Feb 142014
Spotted Sandpiper - Concrete Beach

This Spotted Sandpiper was photographed as he foraged along the base of White Rock Lake Dam in Dallas, Texas. Wikipedia has this to say about the Spotted Sandpiper: Adults have short yellowish legs and an orange bill with a dark tip. The body is brown on top and white underneath with black spots. Non-breeding birds,

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Jan 142014
Feral Hog - Villainous

Feral Hogs get a bad rap. It’s a reputation that is not entirely deserved. Feral Hogs are considered an invasive species. As the name implies, these animals are descendants of domesticated pigs that were deliberately released or allowed to escape. Like so many of our environmental issues, the Feral Hog problem is entirely man-made. Many

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Oct 132013
American Crow - Dried Pond Bed

These photographs were taken by Trail Camera on a dried pond bed near Lewisville Lake. The pictures show American Crows foraging and finding some kind of orange seed pod. Wikipedia has this to say about American Crows: The American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) is a large passerine bird species of the family Corvidae. It is a

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Sep 192013
Bumblebee - Purple Pickerel Rush

American Bumblebees (Bombus pennsylvanicus) collecting pollen from the Purple Pickerel Rush in Lewisville, Texas. Observation Details County – Denton City – Lewisville Date – Aug 11, 2013 Time of Day – Morning Temperature – Hot (greater than 89°F/32°C) Weather – Clear Habitat – Undeveloped-Wooded Type of Behavior – Foraging Gender – Female Maturity – Adult

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