Oct 102016
How Photography Changed My Viewpoint of Wildlife

I have always loved animals. It was all about stuffed animals, never dolls. I loved going to the zoo and watching documentaries. My house is animal themed. No person comes in my home without stating, “Wow, you really love animals don’t you?” But what I have learned in the last year is that loving animals

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Apr 042014
Greater White-fronted Goose – Over JBS

These Greater White-fronted Geese were observed as they flew over the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center in Seagoville, Texas. These birds are not often seen in the more urban areas of the metroplex. A trip to the rural fringes is required to find them in large numbers. The birds in this flock were last seen

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Feb 262014
Crested Caracara - Introductions

Historically, Crested Caracaras have been relegated to southern portions of the state, and as such they were thought to be rare visitors to north central Texas. But over the last several years there seems to have been an increase in the number of sightings in and around the metroplex. This bird has been on my

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Dec 182013
Greater White-fronted Goose - Flyby

Sometimes there is only the time and opportunity for a quick, “documentary” type photograph. That was the case when these high flying geese appeared over head one evening in October. Their honking drew my attention, but I could tell right away that they were not—our very common—Canada Geese. These were clearly something else. But they

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