Jul 072013
Northern Harrier - Harassed

These photographs come from earlier in the spring. Northern Harriers migrate as summer approaches in order to take a pass on the Texas heat. The harriers in these pictures are taking heat of another kind. Flying low over the reed beds at John Bunker Sands, the big raptors have attracted the attention of Red-winged Blackbirds

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Apr 162013
Virginia Opossum - Precarious

This Virginia Opossum has made a serious miscalculation. Something inspired her to climb this tree in the middle of the famed UTSWMC heron rookery—a tree full egret nests! Was the opossum after eggs, or was she just fleeing from some perceived danger when she ascended the tree? Whatever the case, the birds were not pleased

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Mar 272013
Snow Goose - Scattered

One afternoon while I was observing the far southeast Dallas County Bald Eagle nest, I was delighted to see a large flock of Snow Geese (mixed with Greater White-fronted Geese and Ross’s Geese) land near the holding ponds at the base of the hill. As more and more geese arrived the entire congregation began grazing

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Feb 122013
River Otter - Field and Stream

We had an interesting River Otter sighting this past weekend. Like most I have experienced, this one was fleeting, with little chance for quality photographs because of intervening vegetation. But, the viewing was good, and the behavior was unusual enough to merit mention. We came across this River Otter deep in the woods. He was

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