Apr 272017
Video - A Closer Look at Insects and Spiders

We see an incredible diversity of insects and arachnids in North Texas. At the time of writing the latest statistics from the DFW Urban Wildlife iNaturalist project are as follows : Insects – 50,941 Observations of 2,289 species Arachnids – 4,559k Observations of 194 species Many of these are hard to photograph because of their size.

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Sep 142015
Texas Wildlife, Feb - Sept 2015

Our friend Richard Barnes has done it again. A couple of times a year Richard will stitch together a wonderful montage of wildlife videos he has taken in various places around the metroplex. A little over a year ago, Richard began these projects as a way to share some of the interesting things he was

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Aug 142014
Texas Garden Wildlife - A Suburban Safari

The video in today’s post comes to us from Richard Barnes. Richard and I found each other via iNaturalist after he posted some really incredible photographs of a trio of juvenile Raccoons taken in his own backyard. As it turns out, Richard has only recently come to North Texas from Scotland—moving here just last year.

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Sep 142013
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail - Button Bush Bloom

A ragged looking male Eastern tiger Swallowtail feeding on nectar from a Button Bush bloom. Observation Details County – Denton City – Lewisville Date – Aug 11, 2013 Time of Day – Morning Temperature – Hot (greater than 89°F/32°C) Weather – Clear Habitat – Undeveloped-Wooded Type of Behavior – Feeding Gender – Male Maturity –

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Aug 302013
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail - Black Form

This is the black form of the Easter Tiger Swallowtail. Ordinarily, these big butterflies are mostly yellow. See this article for an example: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail – Big and Bold This female is a little worse for wear. Her wings are tattered and torn. She was very lethargic and probably not long for this earth.

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May 182012
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail - Big and Bold

A Eastern Tiger Swallowtail photographed in the Great Trinity Forest in Dallas, Texas. Observation Details County – Dallas City – Dallas Date – May 6, 2012 Time of Day – Noon Temperature – Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C) Weather – Partly Cloudy Habitat – Recreation-Park Type of Behavior – Roaming Gender – Male Maturity – Adult Observer –

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