Jun 202013
Eastern Screech Owl - The Latest

NOTE: This observation is the continuation of an earlier post: Eastern Screech Owl – Pecan Tree Portrait There was some bad news out of Irving last week. Evidently the storms that rolled through last weekend got the better of one of the owlets and he didn’t pull through. No word yet about the condition of

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Jun 122013
Eastern Screech Owl - Pecan Tree Portrait

NOTE: This observation is the continuation of an earlier post: Eastern Screech Owl – Irving Update Its becoming harder to get a good look at the owlets as they begin to roam further and further from their nest cavity. Sabra managed to get a few pictures on the afternoon of May 30, 2013 in order

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Jun 052013
Eastern Screech Owl - Update from Irving

NOTE: This observation is the continuation of an earlier post: Eastern Screech Owl – They’re Back! Sabra Taggart was kind enough to send us a few more wonderful pictures of the Eastern Screech Owl family living in her front yard. The last photograph in this series was taken just after a brief rain shower moved

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May 292013
Eastern Screech Owl - They're Back!

NOTE: This observation is a continuation of earlier posts: Eastern Screech Owl – Winter Visitors and Eastern Screech Owl – A Last Look These pictures come to us from Sabra Taggart. For the last several years a pair of Eastern Screech Owls has shown up at Sabra’s house every autumn. They even have a favorite

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Apr 052013
Eastern Screech Owl - A Last Look

These pictures were taken by Sabra Taggart. These screech owls have been regular visitors to Sabra’s yard for the last several years. The pair typically shows up in the middle of winter, and then disappears early in March. The same thing happened this year, and these are some of the last pictures Sabra was able

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Sep 102012
Journal - Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Dateline – August 26, 2012 It is no secret that I enjoy working on this web site. Almost every week it seems I come across something new and interesting—often things I have never seen or heard of before. But, every once in a while, my efforts lead me to something really unique—something that I feel

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Jul 112012
Eastern Screech Owl - In the Yard

This observation comes to us from Robin Korevaar in Dallas, Texas. Robin reports that for a few years now a screech owl has frequented her front yard, sometimes alone, often with a partner. She would see them mostly at dusk and early morning, though occasionally they would be there at mid-day. Blue jays would often

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Dec 272011
Eastern Screech Owl - Little Guy

This Eastern Screech Owl was photographed in the front yard of a Carrollton residence. This particular house has a number of Cypress trees in its yard. The owl first attracted our attention as he moved from tree to tree. He utilized the lower branches of the Cypress trees as he navigated across the front yard.

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