Mar 052014
Cooper's Hawk - A Mobbing

American Crows do not like birds of prey. When crows find a hawk or owl it is not uncommon for them to gang up on the unsuspecting raptor. Crows gather around and nosily berate the targeted bird in a effort to drive it away. This behavior is known as “mobbing” and it can create quite

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Jan 162014
Red Swamp Crayfish - Brave or Moody?

Like a guardian of the swamp, this Red Swamp Crayfish was not shy about expressing his displeasure with our encroachment on his territory. I found this crayfish as he was walking across the mudflats of a rapidly drying pond. Even though these creatures have gills and breath water, they can tolerate short durations on dry

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Sep 242013
Cottonmouth - Do Not Disturb

Every once in a while I’ll spot something—a landform or a water feature—on Google Maps that I just can’t resist. That was the case with this observation. Looking at an aerial view, I found a small pond tucked away in a fortification of dense underbrush—acres of it. Judging from the imagery, there was almost certainly

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Nov 262012
Yellow-bellied Water Snake - Leaf Litter

It is still possible to encounter snakes in Dallas area, even this late into the fall. Warm temperatures and beautiful sunny days will bring them out, and they can still be active and alert. This snake is a harmless, nonvenomous Yellow-bellied Water Snake. It was encountered near Lemmon Lake in the Joppa Preserve.

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Oct 222012
White-tailed Deer - Grand Park Video

White-tailed Deer videoed with a Scouting Camera in Grand Park, Frisco, Texas. The deer in the first video were recorded on the east side of the park. Watch toward the end of this video as a doe seems to be engaged in some kind of defensive behavior against an unseen antagonist. Her repeated hoof stomps

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Oct 152012
American Kestrel - VCDB

A male American Kestrel photographed the Village Creek Drying Beds in Arlington, Texas. If you look carefully at the second picture below, you can see that the kestrel has captured a dragonfly which it is preparing to feed on. At another location in the VCDB facility I observed a lone American Kestrel harass and drive

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