Mar 202016
The Elm Fork of the Trinity River - Surging through Lewisville

We are still dealing with the side effects of last spring’s heavy rain and flooding. Until just recently the spillway at Lewisville Lake has been wide open and the Elm Fork of the Trinity River has been full and flowing faster than it has in years. It’s quite a sight to see. The Trinity in

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Feb 172015
In Search of the White Rock Lake Bald Eagle

Last year, around mid-September, I began to pickup on chatter about Bald Eagle sightings at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas. White Rock Lake is only a few miles from the downtown Dallas, and is about as urban as any lake in the area. The lake itself is ringed by narrow strip of parkland, but

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Jul 102012
Channel Catfish - Seeking Shade

These three individuals were observed swimming through the clear water of Spring Creek in Richardson, Texas. I saw these guys just as they emerged from the shade provided by the Routh Creek Parkway bridge. It was a hot, sunny day, and the trio of catfish did not swim far before they turned around and returned

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