Apr 242016
Garland Goodbye

The company I have worked for the past 20 years recently built for us a brand new campus in Richardson, Texas near the George Bush Expressway. Our old facility was located just a few miles down the road in the City of Garland. That building complex can trace its roots all the way back to

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Oct 062014
A Summer of Swainson's Hawks

It has been a good summer for Swainson’s Hawks. What I mean by that is that I have had the opportunity to observe many more of them this year than I have in the past. Until this summer, every time I have observed Swainson’s Hawks they have been on the wing and high in the

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Jan 122012

It was a sellout with standing room only at Creekview High School on this overcast afternoon. This large congregation of Brown-headed Cowbirds (mostly) was observed on the baseball field at Creekview High School. There are some Rock Doves and European Starlings present in many of these photographs as well.   County – Denton City –

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