Sep 262016
A Summer of Extraordinary Urban Wildlife - 2016

What an amazing summer it has been! I have been pursuing Wildlife photography for over ten years now, and I am still making new and exciting discoveries. What a wonderful hobby this is! This summer has been special with sights and sounds like few others. The long hard drought of 2012 through 2014 is now

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Jul 022014
Announcement - Spring Salamanders of Central Texas

Dateline – June 28, 2014 Reptiles and amphibians are not my strong suit. It is not unusual for me to have trouble positively identifying some of the specimens that I encounter out in the field. On occasion I need a little help. For years Grant Shepard has been my go-to guy for herpetological questions, and

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Apr 122013
Black-bellied Whistling Duck - Doing Well

Black-bellied Whistling Ducks are unique and attractive birds. With long pink legs and a long neck, these birds cannot be confused with any other duck in their range. Reportedly Black-bellied Whistling Ducks are doing very well of late, and are in the process of expanding their range in North American. If the number of sighting

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