Nov 122014
North to Denton - The Greenbelt Corridor Park

October 26, 2014 – Denton, Texas This is part one of a two part series. After many years of looking with great interest at aerial photographs and maps of the area, I finally had an opportunity to explore the vast tracts of public wilderness just north of Lewisville Lake. This is one of the most

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Dec 162013
Barn Spider - Under an Eave at Evening

I found this Barn Spider (possibly a Neoscona crucifera) under the eave of a small building. This spider is an orb weaver and creates a large web of the traditional form. Webs of this spider can often be two or more feet in diameter. Spiders can be notoriously difficult to identify precisely, and that is

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Sep 142012
Barn Spider - Ensnared!

Barn Spiders are described as orb weavers because of the intricate spiral wheel-shaped web they construct. This one (possibly a Neoscona crucifera) was observed in the Joppa Preserve area of Great Trinity Forest. It has just recently captured some kind of large bug. Observations Details County – Dallas City – Dallas Date – Jul 1,

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Jun 262012
Barn Spider - Katydid, It's What's For Dinner

This large Barn Spider (possibly a Neoscona crucifera) was found feasting upon the remains of this web-ensnared katydid. The gruesome, but intriguing, scene was photographed in the Joppa Preserve area of the Great Trinity Forest in Dallas, Texas. Here’s what Wikipedia says about the Neoscona crucifera: Neoscona crucifera is an orb-weaver spider in the family

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Dec 132011
Journal - Indentifying Invertebrates is Hard

Dateline – November 24, 2008 A confession—I was partially motivated to write this article out of a sense of frustration. For years I have referred to traditional field guides for information about the various kinds of wildlife I have observed. Admittedly, these books have been invaluable, but because of the general nature of the information

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