Oct 162013
American Kestrel - Grasshopper Snack

I spotted this big female American Kestrel as she dove to the ground in pursuit of flying grasshopper. By the time I had approached close enough for pictures, the kestrel had secured its prey and returned to her perch on the utility line. She made short work of the grasshopper, devouring the entire insect in

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American Kestrel – Fledgling

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Jul 292013
American Kestrel - Fledgling

This is a follow up of sorts to an earlier article about what appeared to be a courting pair of American Kestrels. That post can be found here: American Kestrel – Courtship The photographs in this post shed some new light of the situation, and reveal that the behavior recorded in the earlier post was

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Mar 172013
American Kestrel - Male and Female

A male and female American Kestrel sitting together, and presenting a nice opportunity to see the differences in appearance between the genders. The male kestrel is smaller that the female, but the male has the more colorful plummage. As you can see from thes pictures the male has slate gray wings carried over a rust

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Mar 162013
American Kestrel - Lone Lady

A lone female American Kestrel keeps watch from atop a tree behind the Baylor Medical Center in Carrollton, Texas. Wikipedia has this to say about American Kestrels: The American Kestrel (Falco sparverius), sometimes colloquially known as the Sparrow Hawk, is a small falcon, and the only kestrel found in the Americas. It is the most

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Mar 152013
American Kestrel - Female in Flight

A female American kestrel taking flight at the Village Creek Drying Beds in Arlington, Texas. Wikipedia has this to say about American Kestrels: The American Kestrel hunts by hovering in the air with rapid wing beats or perching and scanning the ground for prey. Its diet typically consists of grasshoppers, lizards, mice, and small birds.

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Mar 102013
American Kestrel - With Prey

An American Kestrel carrying what appears to be a very small mouse. This observation was made at the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center. Wikipedia has this to say about American Kestrels: Its breeding range extends from central and western Alaska across northern Canada to Nova Scotia, and south throughout North America, into central Mexico and

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