Dec 272012
American Goldfinch - Raider

I came across a small flock of American Goldfinches in a tree in Carrollton’s Nob Hill Park. The tree was laden with small masses of clumped together leaves. Evidently, these constructs represented the egg sack or larval home of some kind of insect. The goldfinches were raiding these leafy containers with gusto. All over the

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Mar 282012
American Goldfinch - Little, Yellow

A pair of American Goldfinches at McInnish Park in Carrollton, Texas. Wikipedia has this to say about American Goldfinches: The American Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis), also known as the Eastern Goldfinch, is a small North American bird in the finch family. It is migratory, ranging from mid-Alberta to North Carolina during the breeding season, and from

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