Nov 182014
North to Denton - Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

For my second visit to the vast tracts of wilderness north of Lewisville Lake I headed over to the west side of the Trinity River, to a place known as the Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center (CCNHC). Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center is part of the City of Denton’s park system. Here is how it

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Mar 052014
Cooper's Hawk - A Mobbing

American Crows do not like birds of prey. When crows find a hawk or owl it is not uncommon for them to gang up on the unsuspecting raptor. Crows gather around and nosily berate the targeted bird in a effort to drive it away. This behavior is known as “mobbing” and it can create quite

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Oct 132013
American Crow - Dried Pond Bed

These photographs were taken by Trail Camera on a dried pond bed near Lewisville Lake. The pictures show American Crows foraging and finding some kind of orange seed pod. Wikipedia has this to say about American Crows: The American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) is a large passerine bird species of the family Corvidae. It is a

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Sep 102012
Journal - Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Dateline – August 26, 2012 It is no secret that I enjoy working on this web site. Almost every week it seems I come across something new and interesting—often things I have never seen or heard of before. But, every once in a while, my efforts lead me to something really unique—something that I feel

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Dec 092011

When I stepped outside this afternoon, the first thing I noticed was what sounded like a group of crows calling to each other in the distance. As I listened the cawing became louder, and I could tell that the crows were coming my direction. I started watching my neighbor’s rooftops, expecting the birds to come

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Dec 022011
American Crow - Mischief Makers

What is it about crows? They always give me the impression that they are up to some kind of mischief. We observed these fine looking fellows midmorning near Woodlake Pond in Carrollton. They made plenty of noise as they moved through the area. Their purpose? Just looking for mischief as far as I could tell.

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Nov 262011
American Crow - Eating a Sandwich

I observed this American Crow in a pasture near the intersection of Rosemeade and Marsh. The crow appeared to be eating a sandwich, which was probably pilfered from the trash of a nearby convenience store. Wikipedia has this to say about American Crows: American Crows are common, widespread and adaptable, but they are highly susceptible

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