Apr 292014
White-tailed Deer - Last Light

The shadows were getting long when I first spotted this female White-tailed Deer. Nightfall was less than an hour away, and this doe was getting an early start on her evening browsing. A White-tailed Deer’s camouflage is very effective under these kind of lighting conditions, as you can see in the photographs below. This doe

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Feb 192014
White-tailed Deer - Osage Orange Eaters?

One thing that was established beyond a shadow of a doubt with this trail camera survey is that White-tailed Deer have a certain affinity for Bois d’Arc trees. When I set my cameras for this project I never expected that deer would be the most frequently photographed animals over the course of the survey. They

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Jan 302014
White-tailed Deer - Big Buck

I was getting ready to wind down a late afternoon hike when I first noticed this fine looking White-tailed Deer. The big buck emerged from the treeline on the far side of a Lewisville Lake floodplain and then jogged across in my general direction. Fortunately, I was well concealed at the time, and the buck

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Jan 102014
White-tailed Deer - Big Day

The are pockets of White-tailed Deer in various places around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. In some of these places the population density of deer is beginning to rise. But urban White-tailed Deer are not always easy to observe, regardless of how many deer a parcel of land supports. Many different factors influence whether you will

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Oct 292013
White-tailed Deer - Assortment

This is a compilation of trail camera videos recorded over the course of several days and nights. During this period of time the camera records many examples of interesting of White-tailed Deer activity. In the video below you will see deer passing through the area on a regular basis. Often they will pause briefly in

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Oct 212013
White-tailed Deer - One-man Chair Blind

I tried something a little different for this observation. This time I setup in a blind and waited for the animals to come to me for a change. I used something called an Ameristep One-man Chair Blind. This thing is essentially a standard cloth-covered folding camp chair equipped with a hood to cover the occupant.

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Oct 082013
White-tailed Deer - Skeleton

I don’t come across these very often. This is the remnants of a White-tailed Deer skeleton. I discovered these bones scattered across a wide area—I would estimate that they were strewn over roughly 150 square yards/meters. As you can see from these pictures, the entire skeleton was not present at this location. Further, many of

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Oct 072013
White-tailed Deer - Lewisville Lake Montage

This set of photographs is a montage of images of White-tailed Deer recorded with Trail Cameras near Lewisville Lake over the course of 28 days. The trail Cameras were installed in the bed of a recently dried pond. When I first found the pond bed I discovered it criss-crossed with deer tracks (and those of

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Sep 102013
White-tailed Deer - Near Lake Lewisville

I did a little trail camera work in Little Elm near Lake Lewisville this summer. Camera Trapping is what they call it these days. The following are pictures of White-tailed Deer that were recorded between July 22 and July 25, 2013. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about White-tailed Deer: The white-tailed deer (Odocoileus

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Aug 272013
White-tailed Deer - Curious

I encountered this White-tailed Deer earlier one morning at the Lake Lewisville Environmental Learning Area (LLELA). I was busy and preoccupied with photographing a Painted Bunting (a vividly colorful bird) when this doe emerged from the forest in the background. I first saw her through my camera’s viewfinder. The deer noticed me just a moment

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