Jan 142014
Feral Hog - Villainous

Feral Hogs get a bad rap. It’s a reputation that is not entirely deserved. Feral Hogs are considered an invasive species. As the name implies, these animals are descendants of domesticated pigs that were deliberately released or allowed to escape. Like so many of our environmental issues, the Feral Hog problem is entirely man-made. Many

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Jul 222013
Feral Hog - Paloma Creek

These pictures and video come to us from Melinda DeLeon. Melinda spotted this sounder of two adults and ten piglets in Denton County near Paloma Creek and US380. Wikipedia has this to say about Feral Hogs: Domestic pigs can escape and quite readily become feral, and feral populations are problematic in several ways. They can

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Mar 192013
Feral Hog - Passing Through

A small sounder of Feral Hogs passing through River Legacy Park in Arlington, Texas. Wikipedia says this about Feral Hogs: One characteristic by which domestic and feral animals are differentiated is their coats. Feral animals almost always have thick, bristly coats ranging in colour from brown through grey to black. A prominent ridge of hair

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Sep 112012
Feral Hog - Population Explosion

These pictures of Feral Hogs were taken in the Great Trinity Forest—all well within Dallas City Limits. The pig population is exploding in the Joppa and McCommas Preserves, and around the Trinity River Audubon Center as well. This increase in the number of hogs comes in spite of control measures put in place by the

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Aug 082012
Feral Hog - Night Feeders

Lemmon Lake in the Joppa Preserve is a special place. This unique environment attracts and abundance and variety of wildlife rarely seen anywhere, much less within the city limits of a major metropolitan area like Dallas, Texas. One of the most unusual things about this lake is its life-cycle. That’s right, Lemmon Lake lives and

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May 302012
Feral Hog - Too Many to Count

The Great Trinity Forest is simply awash with Feral Hogs. There are more hogs in these woods than can be counted, and their sign is everywhere. This is a sampling of Feral Hog pictures taken in the Great Trinity Forest by automatic Scouting Cameras. Of note are photographs of a particularly large boar, a sounders

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