Sep 022013
Bobcat - Skeleton

I found this Bobcat skeleton near the Trinity River in Hutchins, Texas. I don’t come across many of these. More commonly I will find Coyote, Beaver, or Raccoon skeletons. This one is incomplete. Limbs are missing, as is the jawbone. Some soft tissue is still evident on the bones in various places.

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Jul 112013
Bobcat - Neighborhood Stroll

This Bobcat sighting was reported by one of our Carrollton readers. The encounter occurred around 4:15pm as the reporter was leaving her house for an appointment. The Bobcat was standing right in the middle of the yard, but soon began to move on. Dive-bombing Northern Mockingbirds encouraged the cat to keep moving. Meanwhile, the homeowner

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Mar 192013
Bobcat - A Privilege

It is always exciting to see a Bobcat. A rare treat! Lately, though, I have been allowed the privilege of a Bobcat sighting on a fairly regular basis. The Bobcats at the Village Creek Drying Beds in Arlington are confident around people, and they are often active during the day. They frequently patrol the berms

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Nov 202012
Bobcat - LLELA

While walking down a dirt road near The Lewiville Lake Environmental Learning Area I was surprised to notice some movement in the tall grass next to the road. This handsome looking Bobcat soon strolled out onto the road just 25 yards/meters ahead of my position. So confident in his invulnerability was this Bobcat that he

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Oct 162012
Bobcat - VCDB

These Bobcats were observed at the Village Creek Drying Beds in Arlington, Texas. Strangely, I spotted the first one just minutes after photographing a Coyote in one of the drying beds. The Bobcat was following a dirt road near the east pumping station several hundred yards/meters from my position. At this distance it was hard

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