May 082014
Mallard - Odd Couple

This interesting odd couple are very dedicated to each other. This is a male wild Mallard and his friend, the distantly related domestic duck, known as an American Pekin. I have been visiting this pond for several weeks now, and these two ducks are always together. Strangely, the domestic duck also appears to be a

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May 062014
Nutria - A Little Bit Different

Nutrias and Beavers can look superficially similar when they are observed swimming through the water. Because of this it can sometimes be hard to tell the two rodents apart at first glance. One of the first things I look for when trying to differentiate these rodents is the color of their snouts. Nutrias typically have

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May 052014
American Alligator - How Big?

One last update on the Lewisville Lake alligators for the time being… A quick visit allowed me the chance to see both alligators together, if only for a brief time before sunset. One alligator was mostly out of the water when I arrived and that afforded me the opportunity to get a quick picture of

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May 022014
Carolina Chickadee - Little Bird

These little busybodies are hard to pin down. They flitter from branch to branch so quickly that it is difficult to get the camera on them in time for a clear shot—especially at close range. This Carolina Chickadee was close enough—maybe even a little too close, as the camera angle is from a little further

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Apr 292014
White-tailed Deer - Last Light

The shadows were getting long when I first spotted this female White-tailed Deer. Nightfall was less than an hour away, and this doe was getting an early start on her evening browsing. A White-tailed Deer’s camouflage is very effective under these kind of lighting conditions, as you can see in the photographs below. This doe

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Apr 282014
Mute Swan - Nest 2014 Update 5: Two

NOTE: This post is part of a continuing series of observations: [ First | << Prev | Next >> ] The swans were away from the nest when we visited this week, but it took some investigating to be sure. The reeds at this end of the pond have grown up tall over the last

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