Feb 202012
Cedar Waxwings - First of the Season

This large congregation of Cedar Waxwings is the first observed group this winter. They were gathered in a large tree, and were vocalizing softly in unison. The rainy weather muted the otherwise bright colors of these exotic looking birds. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Cedar Waxwings: The Cedar Waxwing (Bombycilla cedrorum) is

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Sep 292011
Cedar Waxwing - Berry Eaters

Another group of Cedar Waxwings migrating through the DFW Area in early March. Congregations such as this one will litter the ground below the tree with berry-colored and seed-filled bird droppings. Wikipedia has this to say about the Cedar Waxwing: Cedar Waxwings are a medium sized bird approximately 6–7 in (15–18 cm) long and weigh

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Sep 082011
Cedar Waxwing - Spring Migration

Cedar Waxwings begin moving through the DFW Area in mid January during their spring migration. This observation is of a large group of birds that had gathered on a row of small trees just outside my house. Here is how Wikipedia describes the Cedar Waxwing: Preferred habitat consists of trees at the edge of wooded

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