Mar 072013
American Wigeon - Pleasant Colors

This attractive American Wigeon was photographed against strikingly blue water just as the sun was lighting up his beautiful metallic green feathers. Wikipedia has this to say about American Wigeons: The American Wigeon, also American Widgeon or Baldpate, (Anas americana) is a species of dabbling duck found in North America. This species is classified with

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Dec 302011
American Wigeon - Pond Pair

Male and female American Wigeons observed at Woodlake Pond in Carrollton, Texas. Wikipedia has this to say about American Wigeons: The breeding male (drake) is a striking bird with a mask of green feathers around its eyes and a cream colored cap running from the crown of its head to its bill. This white patch

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Oct 292011
American Wigeon - Basking in the Sun

Ducks are ducks, until you look closer. There are many different species of duck in living Texas, some of which are very exotic looking on closer inspection. These are American Wigeons. This observation was made at Woodlake Pond in Carrollton. There were three American Wigeons present at the time. Two males and one female.

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