Jun 262017
Video - Black Swallowtail Life Cycle - UPDATED

On 6th June I shot some video of Wasps feeding on Dill in the garden. When I viewed the footage I spotted something I hadn’t noticed at the time – a tiny, quarter inch long caterpillar was also on the Dill. I discovered that this was a Black Swallowtail. Caterpillars go through different stages of

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Jun 162017
Videos - Nesting Birds

I have three videos of nesting birds to share, all filmed between April and early June. Purple Martins are North America’s largest Swallow and they arrive in North Texas in the Spring, to breed. One of our friends lives near Justin and Purple Martins have made use of her nest boxes and gourds for several

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Jun 052017
The Day Shift and the Night Shift

I am not a bird feeder guy. I am not well informed the different type of feeders, or the different types of feed, or any of that stuff. But, a couple of times a year—usually when I have a little extra time away from work—I will fill the bird feeder with seeds, just to see

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