Sep 142015

Our friend Richard Barnes has done it again. A couple of times a year Richard will stitch together a wonderful montage of wildlife videos he has taken in various places around the metroplex. A little over a year ago, Richard began these projects as a way to share some of the interesting things he was seeing Texas with his family back home in Scotland. Since then, he has become quite expert at making these videos, and he has once again been kind and generous enough to share his latest effort with all of us. This new video illustrates well, the abundance and wide variety of fascinating wildlife we have all around us, right here in the middle Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. I believe this is Richard’s best work yet! Enjoy!

Richard also keeps a wonderful website called Farmers Branch Wildlife. You can see more of his great work there—beautiful videos and photographs. Here’s the web address: Be sure and check it out

  4 Responses to “Texas Wildlife, Feb – Sept 2015”

  1. Phenomenal!!! Love that video.

  2. Richard, did he say where he got the jack rabbit? They have become quite rare in N. Texas. David

    • Sorry, I asked too soon. The answer is on the still photo of the jack: Addison Airport.

      • David, the Jackrabbit in the video was at Fossil Rim Wildlife Park. You’re correct about the still photo on the website, my wife and I saw three of them on the grass between the runways at Addison Airport.

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