Oct 222012

White-tailed Deer videoed with a Scouting Camera in Grand Park, Frisco, Texas. The deer in the first video were recorded on the east side of the park. Watch toward the end of this video as a doe seems to be engaged in some kind of defensive behavior against an unseen antagonist. Her repeated hoof stomps are meant to drive off the intruder—likely a Coyote.

The second video is of three bucks and one doe. These White-tailed Deer were recorded on the southern end of the park. Watch as all three bucks engage each other in some pre-rut play sparring. One buck has a asymmetric, non-typical rack. The other two are sporting nice looking six point and eight point racks.

Videos were recorded between Sep 28, 2012 and Oct 12, 2012.

  2 Responses to “White-tailed Deer – Grand Park Video”

  1. That second video is something else! You really picked the right spot to place a camera.

  2. this is facinating to me as I have lived in Frisco for over 40 years and never seen a deer.
    how can i contact you?

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