Mar 312012
Coyote - Good Morning!

An adult Coyote was observed passing through a residential subdivision in Carrollton, Texas. He was seen crossing a boulevard and then cutting between two house and heading for the alley. This observation was made at around 7am on March 29, 2012. Wikipedia has this to say about Coyotes: Female coyotes are monoestrous, and remain in

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Mar 282012
American Goldfinch - Little, Yellow

A pair of American Goldfinches at McInnish Park in Carrollton, Texas. Wikipedia has this to say about American Goldfinches: The American Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis), also known as the Eastern Goldfinch, is a small North American bird in the finch family. It is migratory, ranging from mid-Alberta to North Carolina during the breeding season, and from

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Mar 222012

I observed this juvenile Red-tailed Hawk while video a large communal roost made up of mostly European Starlings and Great-tailed Grackles. The hawk had somehow inserted himself right in the middle of a group of starlings. The Red-tailed Hawk put on quite an effort to portray himself as uninterested in the small black birds. The

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Mar 212012

What is it about the intersection of city streets that attracts birds? Clearly there is something about the bird’s psychology that causes these areas to have a special appeal. Species that are common at intersections in the Dallas/Fort Worth area include Rock Doves, Eurasian Collared-doves, and as in the case of the videos below, European

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Mar 192012
Red-tailed Hawk - Richardson Red-tail

I observed this pair of Red-tailed Hawks at the busy intersection of Jupiter Road and Arapaho Road in Richardson, Texas. This is a very busy intersection with a lot of automobile traffic. Hawks seem to be attracted to these intersections by the reliable congregations of Rock Doves and other birds such as Great-tailed Grackles and

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