Dec 092011

When I stepped outside this afternoon, the first thing I noticed was what sounded like a group of crows calling to each other in the distance. As I listened the cawing became louder, and I could tell that the crows were coming my direction. I started watching my neighbor’s rooftops, expecting the birds to come from a nearby greenbelt, but even though the sound of the birds continued to grow louder the crows never appeared. Finally, it occurred to me to look straight up. There, high above me, were two crows harassing a lone Red-tailed Hawk.

County Denton
Center map
City Carrollton
Date May 5, 2005
Time of Day Afternoon
Temperature Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C)
Weather Overcast
Habitat Residential-Single Family
Type of Behavior Fleeing
Gender Uncertain
Maturity Adult
Observer Chris Jackson
Main Article Red-tailed Hawk Observation Location

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