Dec 312011

We were at a local park this weekend, when we heard a Red-tailed Hawk call high above us. Looking up we spotted three Red-tailed Hawks circling several hundred feet above us. As we watched, the hawks interacted with each other by flying closer together, and then separating rapidly. During this time, several more calls were

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Dec 302011
American Wigeon - Pond Pair

Male and female American Wigeons observed at Woodlake Pond in Carrollton, Texas. Wikipedia has this to say about American Wigeons: The breeding male (drake) is a striking bird with a mask of green feathers around its eyes and a cream colored cap running from the crown of its head to its bill. This white patch

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Dec 292011
American Kestrel - Window Collision

Urban environments are rife with hazards that wild animals are not well equipped to deal with. Windows on houses and other structures are one such example, especially where birds are concerned. Under the right conditions windows can become very reflective. Depending upon what is reflected in these windows, they can create the illusion of a

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Dec 282011

We discovered these gulls on one of the many small lakes in the general vicinity of Hebron Parkway and I-35. Also in close proximity are the Trinity River and the DFW Landfill. The landfill alone may best explain this large congregation of gulls. At one point during the observation the gulls became agitated and took

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Dec 272011
Eastern Screech Owl - Little Guy

This Eastern Screech Owl was photographed in the front yard of a Carrollton residence. This particular house has a number of Cypress trees in its yard. The owl first attracted our attention as he moved from tree to tree. He utilized the lower branches of the Cypress trees as he navigated across the front yard.

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Dec 262011
Franklin's Gull - Fall Migrant

These Franklin’s Gulls were part of a much larger congregation of Ring-Billed Gulls. They were observed in one of the many small lakes near the DFW Landfill in Lewisville, Texas. Observation Details County – Denton City – Lewisville Date – Nov 22, 2011 Time of Day – Afternoon Temperature – Cool (50-69°F/10-21°C) Weather – Clear

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Dec 242011

Our local Beaver pond attracts a menagerie of aquatic wildlife, especially waterfowl. In these pictures we have male (fall plumage) and female Northern Shovelers.   County – Denton City – Carrollton Date – Dec 21, 2011 Time of Day – Noon Temperature – Cold (less than 50°F/10°C) Weather – Clear Habitat – Water-Creek Type of

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Dec 222011
White-tailed Deer - Big Buck

This observation is the first recorded occurrence of a fully antlered buck at this location. The photograph was taken on an abandoned ranch in The Colony, Texas. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about White-tailed Deer: In western regions of the United States and Canada, the white-tailed deer range overlaps with those of the

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Dec 212011
Red-tailed Hawk - Going Downtown!

There are a number of Red-tailed Hawks that make their home in downtown Dallas. At least one Red-tailed Hawk is frequently observed around the Fountain Place building. This building features large metal tubes that run up the sides of the building at each corner. These tubes are attached to the building by large metal brackets

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