Aug 312011
Coyote - Eating Apples in a Snow Storm

These videos are from group of observations made in a grassy field behind the Baylor Medical Center (previously the Trinity Medical Center) in Carrollton, Texas. I attracted these two Coyotes with a pile of Red Delicious apples. The weather is cold, and snow is falling. The videos show the Coyotes feeding on the apples. At

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Aug 302011
Eastern Cottontail - Playground Rabbits

I observed three Eastern Cottontails at a nearby park. As I approached with my camera one of the Cottontails fled. He sped away from me running across about 50 yards of short grass. His escape route was curious because it took him directly toward a lady watering her front yard with a garden hose. The

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Aug 292011
Fox Squirrel - Hiding in Plain Sight

Fox Squirrels are masters of hiding in plain sight. This individual’s location was discovered by following the sound of his persistent barking. The barking ended shortly after the squirrel became aware of my presence and interest. This series of photographs was taken at a neighborhood park. The park includes a paved trail that follows the

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Aug 272011

I observed this Great Blue Heron wading in a small lake in a public park near our neighborhood. While I watched the bird captured and ate a fish.   County – Denton City – Carrollton Date – September 8, 2004 Time of Day – Noon Temperature – Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C) Weather – Clear Habitat – Water-Pond

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Aug 262011
Carpenter Bee - On Green Milkweed

The Green Milkweed flowers were attracting numerous insects on this cool spring day. This one is a Carpenter Bee. Observation Details County – Denton City – The Colony Date – May 8, 2011 Time of Day – Morning Temperature – Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C) Weather – Clear Habitat – Agricultural-Pasture Type of Behavior – Feeding Gender –

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Aug 172011
Red-tailed Hawk - Civil Defense Siren

This observation was made at Woodlake Pond in Carrollton. This Red-tailed Hawk was perched high above the pond on top of a civil defense siren. The hawk was obviously surveying the large population of Mallards, American Coots, and Ring-billed Gulls in the water below. Although I watched the hawk discreetly for 15 to 20 minutes,

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