Jun 282011
Wild Turkey - In the Neighborhood

Wild Turkeys are reportedly rare in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They even more rare in a residential subdivision. Nonetheless, that’s exactly where this one was photographed. So where did this turkey come from? In 2005, a group of Rio Grande Wild Turkeys were released into the Lake Lewisville Environmental Learning Area (LLELA) as part of

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Jun 262011
Journal - The Cold War Comes Home

Dateline – June 12, 2005 Way back in the summer of 1979 my dad took an astronomy course at the University of North Texas (North Texas State University in those days) in Denton, TX. The course was held at the University’s Observatory, which my dad told me was located in an old missile base just

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Jun 242011
Leaf-footed Bug - Acrobat

A Leaf-footed Bug (likely Acanthocephala femorata) climbing on a holly. Observation Details County – Denton City – Carrollton Date – November 1, 2009 Time of Day – Noon Temperature – Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C) Weather – Clear Habitat – Residential – Single Family Type of Behavior – Roaming Gender – Uncertain Maturity – Adult Observer – Chris

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Jun 232011
Texas Meadow Katydid - LISDOLA

I found this Texas Meadow Katydid on a school field trip with my son’s fourth grade class. The class spent the day at LISDOLA the Lewisville Independent School District’s Outdoor Learning Area. Notice how the katydid is in the process of grooming its antennae. Observation Details County – Denton City – Lewisville Date – September

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Jun 222011
Announcement - ARKive.org Pictures

Some photographs I took of a Parkhill Prairie Crayfish colony are now on display at ARKive.org. ARKive is and interesting project whose stated mission is “Promoting the Conservation of the World’s Threatened Species, Through the Power of Wildlife Imagery.” ARKive also has the backing of many of the world’s leading conservation organizations, including BirdLife International,

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Jun 182011
Eastern Cottontail - Bad Ear

This Eastern Cottontail is a frequent visitor to my front yard. The rabbit is easy to identify due to the distinctive healed injury on its right ear. Wikipedia has this to say about the Eastern Cottontail: The eastern cottontail is chunky red-brown or gray-brown in appearance with large hind feet, long ears and a short

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Jun 162011
Fox Squirrel - Taking a Break

This charming Fox Squirrel behavior took place just down the street from my house. Wikipedia has this to say about Fox Squirrels: In captivity, eastern fox squirrels have been known to live 18 years, but in the wild most fox squirrels die before they become adults. Their maximum life expectancy is typically 12.6 years for

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Jun 142011
Parkhill Prairie Crayfish - On the Church Grounds

Once I was aware that crayfish in this part of North Texas are able to form colonies well away from standing water, I began to look for their chimneys in other locations. My first find away from the original colony was on the freshly mowed grounds of this neighborhood church. The mud chimneys of this

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